Wednesday, May 27, 2015

AOIT Art Final Exam: Part 3

2) If given the opportunity I would do this art piece over. I chose this piece because it is sloppy and after all the practice I have gotten from this class I could do much better. I also would change this piece to make something that is more realistic and has more of a them to the picture.

AOIT Art Final Exam: Part 3

 1. My most successful art piece was this one: Ratman. This artwork shows that "i create original artwork" and that i "developed art making skill". I show both of these because the rat is my idea and is very original and creative. At the beginning of this class i had no clue how to use Photoshop and would never know how to create this.

AOIT Art Final Exam: Part 2

1) Critique personal art: We collaborate
Did you ask another student for feedback during your work process? When other students came to visit us we asked them if they could tell what we were creating and if it was good. We also collaborated with each-other and decided who would do what role, what colors each part should be, what picture we wanted to use, and how we wanted to create the final image.

2) Did someone help you understand important information or inspire you?
Yes, I was inspired to do this picture because Emily liked this photo and said it would be easier then the coke bottle. Also this picture looked really good and the whipped cream looked yummy.

AOIT Art Final Exam: Part 1

 a) The first piece is a Art piece of Morgan Freeman and I am going to explain how we used technology to help us. We got a picture of Morgan Freeman online and then with the computer we created a grid and a mosaic on Photoshop. Once we made the grid we changed the colors to match ones that are colors of sticky notes. Then we printed it out and it used it to create a bigger version with sticky notes. Without the technology this piece would be much harder to complete and would not look as accurate as it did with the help from technology.

b) This is a picture that is created on technology and I am going to explain how art helped me create this. First of all we had to walk around the school to find a good place to take the picture. Then we took a picture frame and figured out where we wanted to to place it to create what we wanted to on the computer. Once we took the picture we put it on the computer I cropped away the background to get the image of the lacrosse field into the picture. Then i adjusted the image to make it look as real as possible.